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Bathroom Fixtures
Bathroom Fixtures
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Bathroom Vanities
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Water Filtration Systems
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Bar Faucets
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 Agria Bathroom Vanities
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 KWC Kitchen Faucets
 Mr. Steam
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 Porcher Bathroom Vanities
 Rubinet Faucet Company
 Saniwa Soap Dispensers
 Sigma Bathroom Faucets
 Toto Toilets & Bathroom Fixtures
 Whitehaus Bathroom Collection
 Zucchetti Bathroom Fixtures

Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures - it’s all in Design

There is more to bathroom plumbing fixtures than meets the eye. Take for example the wide ranges in finishes - chrome, copper, gold, brass, nickel, and more; or the varieties in design – traditional to minimalist.

In the bathroom, consumers have access to a vast array of finishes and design options through manufacturers such as Sigma, Perrin & Rowe, Sussman, and Porcher. Take for example Sigma faucets and basins, which come in literally dozens of finishes. One particular finish, called “the living finish”, oxidizes and changes with use, creating a dynamic yet rustic look. Other Sigma finishes include matte, gloss, and polished finishes in everything from chrome to gold.

Sigma, along with Perrin & Rowe, offers a wonderful selection of traditional faucets and basins that vary from traditional English style plumbing to a Greco-roman look in a vast array of available finishes.

For those seeking simplicity, Porcher, featured on FinestFixtures, has a line of products offering some of the latest in European minimalist design by leading designers such as Gae Aulenti (Monoblock Faucet) and Enzo Mari (Angular Ceramic Sinks). Minimalism involves stripping away the frivolous and unnecessary, leaving clean and simple lines, but without sacrificing luxury and style. Basins by Art Ceram and KWC faucets also offer bathroom and kitchen designs to those seeking simplicity – take for example the KWC faucet “Eve”, which was featured in Time Magazine in October 2006.

Toilet manufacturers have made leaps and bounds in delivering products offering easier maintenance and greener more environmentally friendly designs. Toto and Porcher both offer lines of sleek dual flush toilets imported from Europe and Japan, which dramatically reduce water consumption without sacrificing functionality. Toto boasts the world’s most expensive toilets, with seat options that include a remote warm water wash and dry feature for huge savings on your toilet roll consumption. Both Toto and Porcher are featured here on, and the hi-tech seats can be custom ordered by contacting us at

Sigma, Porcher, Toto, KWC, Perrin & Rowe, and Sussman - a plethora of options for consumers building the bathroom of their dreams using the latest in modern design technology, and it’s all available here on

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