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Bathroom Fixtures
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Bathroom Vanities
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Water Filtration Systems
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Bar Faucets
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Water Filter Systems

Going green and saving money
Have you ever considered just how much energy is consumed with bottled water? Every bottle of water delivered to your kitchen table requires energy and petroleum to manufacturer it, energy to transport it, energy to refrigerate it, energy to purify it, and energy and materials to package it.
Then of course every bottle requires paper and plastic labels, meaning billions of paper labels glued to billions of water bottles distributed around the world.
All this is just half the story, since every empty used bottle has to make its way somewhere – either to the trash, or else to be recycled. Both final destinations consume waste amounts of energy, and in the case of the trash, those bottles never decompose, ending up in landfills, dumps, beaches, rivers, and in our oceans.
Consider the following. If you were to make one small change in how you consume potable water, you could help reduce your “carbon footprint” on the planet. With global warming a reality with serious consequences, switching to products that consume less energy mean that you as a consumer are reducing your impact on the planet.
Everpure to your kitchen and bathroom will also ensure that your tap water is of the highest quality standards. These systems, considerably more affordable and practical than bottled water, extract bacteria and common metals, whilst also adjusting for water hardness and acidity.
On you will find a selection of water filter systems for your kitchen and bathroom. Products such as Everpure will bring the water you drink to life, whilst helping you save yourself time, money, and the size of your carbon footprint., the finest in online luxury plumbing, helping you bring water to life.

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