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Zucchetti on FinestFixtures

Zucchetti – an Italian designer touch to simplicity, functionality, and luxury. Available online through finestfixtures, the Zucchetti line of luxury plumbing includes brand name Italian labels such as Aguablu and Isysystem.

 Designed by Marianelli Design in 2003, the Aguablu line is one of Zucchetti’s flagship labels. The brand’s leading designer, Barbara Sordina, is no new name to the world of industrial design, she earned her name working with Giorgio Marianelli through the mid 1990’s on Zucchetti product lines, designing the Elfo, Oblo, and Delfiflu collections.

 In the words of Sordina, “prominent, rigorously geometric forms characterize this original design by Aguablu. The rectangular-shaped spout allows water to flow freely, as it would in its natural state, allowing one to rediscover…the pleasure of a private waterfall.  It thus transforms a daily activity into a moment of pleasure and well-being." Barbara Sordina.

 Zucchetti’s other major product line, the Isysystem, includes Isysfresh, Isystick, Isyline, Isyarc, Isycontract, Isybagno, Isyshower. Designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, the Isy line, much like its Aguablu counterpart, seeks to create form and function using water. Using a minimum of materials to mould and shape the flow of water, Isysystem creates the ultimate shower, bath, and faucet sensory experience.

 In the eyes of the Isysystem designers Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, “the Isy collection is a minimalist project revolutionizing traditional technologies and technical design systems. The design includes no unnecessary forms, only what is essential to regulate water."

 For more information on how to purchase Zucchetti’s Isy and Aguablu lines, please call finestfixtures toll free at 1 866 405 1933.

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