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Small Bathroom Vanities - Vichy

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Small Bathroom Vanities - Vichy

Agria Bathroom Vanities
VI-02B 80 V



Nominal Overall Dimensions: D17.7 X W33.9" X H27.6"

A Teak Bathroom Vanity with moveable aluminium alloy strips countertop 

Nano procession glass easy to clean

Ceramic Basin included 

Towel Bar (sold separately) Aluminium alloy material   Nominal Overall Dimensions: D11.8" X W24.4" X H41.7"

Side Stand (sold separately) Teak Vanity with moveable aluminium alloy strips countertop - Nominal Overall Dimensions:D11.8" X W31.5" X H15"


The Vichy collection of small bathroom vanities provides a subdued, zen feel to your new bathroom, a simple alternative to more elaborate custom renovations. Agria operates from  small team of in-house designers, infusing an Eastern aesthetic into contemporary styles. The Vichy collection is constructed from teak supports and moveable aluminum alloy strips, incorporating glass shelving for easy care and maintenance. A preassembled set of small bathroom vanities can save you the time, money, and stress of professionally installed custom cabinetry. Speaking from our experience as a bathroom renovation company, there is no greater waste of time and money for a homeowner than protracted a contractor installation process yielding uncertain results. By purchasing preassembled sets through FinestFixtures, you know exactly what bathroom pieces you are installing, and save on lengthy custom installations. Side stand, towel bar, and mirror sold separately. These pieces are ready for installation right out of the box. Simply hire a few hours of labor, or even install it yourself if you believe you have the necessary skills. For more information about how these Vichy pieces from Agria can be shipped to your door, call us at Finest Fixtures 1.886.405.1933, and we’ll be happy to assist you in putting together an easy bathroom renovation package.


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price: $1,310
55.00 lbs

  Home » Bathroom Vanities » Small Bathroom Vanities - Vichy