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All the kitchen and bathroom fixtures and vanities available on FinestFixtures Inc. have been carefully selected by a team of leading certified experts with over thirty years of experience.

Visit us often, as we add more to the thousands of kitchen and bathroom products featured on, bringing you the finest of luxury plumbing fixtures, faucets, sinks, vanities, and accessories for your home at affordable prices.

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Basin Sinks Listings

Archive 10408 Counter Basin
Art - La Fontana Semi Recessed Sink
Art Ceram - Fuori 3
Art Ceram - Fuori Quota
Art Ceram - Fuori Ring
Art Ceram - Jazz Wallhung Basin
Art Ceram - La Fontana Wallmount Washbasin
Art Ceram - Lens 40
Art Ceram - Oval
Art Ceram - Wave Washbasin System
Art Ceram - Wave Washbasin System
Art Ceram Bathroom Sink Wall Mounted
Art Ceram Fuori Box Bathroom Sink
Art Ceram Fuori Corner Quadro Vessel Sink
Art Ceram Fuori Corner Vessel Sink
Art Ceram Fuori Incasso Bathroom Sinks
Art Ceram Fuori Scala Vessel Sink
Art Ceram Fuori Schema Countertop Washbasin
Art Ceram Gea 90 Undermount Washbasin
Art Ceram Lens 100 Countertop Washbasin
Art Ceram Mini Wall Mounted Bathroom Sink
Art Ceram Modula Medium Right Wallmount Sink
Art Ceram Piano L5 Bathroom Sink
Art Ceram Piano L5 Counter Top Washbasin
Art Ceram Piano L5 Countertop Washbasin
Art Ceram Piano M5 Wash Basin
Art Ceram Piano S12 Wall Mount Washbasin
Art Ceram Piano S5 Bathroom Sink
Art Ceram Ulahop O Counter Top Washbasin
Art Ceram Wall Mounted Bathroom Sink
Art Ceram Wall Twin Bathroom Sink
Bavaggi Slate Basin
Cantrio - MMA-2516 Solid Surface Countertop Sink
Cantrio - MS-007 Undermount Copper Sink
Cantrio - MS-013 Copper Undermount Sink
Cantrio - PS-104 Undermount Sink
Cantrio - PS-186 China Topmount Sink
Cantrio - PS-187 Semi Recessed Sink
Cantrio - PS-2318 China Top Mount Sink
Cantrio - PS-506 China Topmount Sink
Cantrio - PS-7078 China Vessel Sink
Carnivale Design Above Counter
Catalano Thun Samoa Washbasin
Cirque 07431 Above Counter
Cirque^2 15081 Above Counter Basin
Clarity Stone Basin
Como 15010 Above Counter Basin
Consilium 32360 Bronze Multi-Use Basin
Crescendo 06381 Above Counter Basin
Cubo 15101 Above Counter Basin
Effusio 32330 Bronze Above Counter Basin
Elysium 32320 Above Counter Basin
Epic Above Counter Basin
Epic Round Above Counter Basin
Equility Oval Above Counter Basin
Equility Petite Square Basin
Equility Round Above Counter Basin
Equility Shallow Round Basin
Freestanding Washbasin Muse
Galleto Slate Basin
Geometrique 1/2 Sphere 32540 Above Counter Basin
Geometrique Circle 32580 Above Counter Basin
Geometrique Cone 32500 Above Counter Basin
Geometrique Pyramid 32520 Above Counter Basin
Giro 15090 Above Counter Basin
GS-101 Glass Basin
GS-101F Tempered Glass Basin
GS-102 Glass Sink
GS-102F Frosted Glass Countertop Sink
GS-104F Glass Sink
GS-105 Decorative Glass Basin
GS-107 Glass Cube Basin
GS-109 Glass Basin
GS-112 Layered Glass Countertop Sink
GS-113 Crystal Glass Countertop Sink
GS-209 Glass Basin
GS-210 Dark Brown Glass Countertop Sink
Kono 45 Bathroom Sink
Kyomi Basin 15061 Above Counter Basin
L'Expression Round 10421 Above Counter Basin
L'Expression Square 10441 Above Counter Basin
Levaggi Slate Basin
Liberum 32300 Bronze Above Counter Basin
Metallizato 32080 Metallizato Above Counter
MMA-1916 Solid Surface Countertop Sink
MMA-604 Solid Surface Countertop Sink
MS-001 Round Stainless Steel Sink
MS-005 Stainless Steel
MS-005 Stainless Steel Sink
MS-007B Oil Rubbed Bronze Drop in Sink
MS-012 Stainless Steel Undermount Sink
Nexus Vessel Lavatory with 8" centers
Nexus Vessel Lavatory with single hole
PS-004 Ceramic Bathroom Sink
PS-006 Ceramic Basin
PS-007 Ceramic Sink
PS-008 Ceramic Sink
PS-009 Ceramic Wall Hung Basin
PS-101 Rectangular Undermount Sink
PS-105 Square Undermount Sink
PS-106 Rectangular Undermount Sink
PS-111 Rectangular Drop in Sink
PS-1617 Countertop Sink with Deck Mount Hole
PS-1919 Semi Cassa Sink
Rock Ice Above Counter Basin
Roma Bathroom Washbasin
RS-001 Stone Sink
RS-004 Stone Basin
RS-008 Stone
RS-009 Stone Sink
RS-016 Stone Basin
RS-016B Stone Wash Basin
RS-019 Stone Sink
RS-107 Bianco Carrera Coutertop Sink with Trough Drain
Sedona 10220 Countertop Lavatory
Semplice Rectangle 15180 Above Counter Lavatory
Semplice Round 15140 Above Counter Basin
Semplice Square 15160 Above Counter Basin
Temperantia 32390 Bronze Above Counter Basin
Tetsu Oval Glass Bowl
Toceto Slate Basin
Verso 70 Bathroom Basin
Verso Slim Washbasin
Zen 15050 Above Counter Basin
Zero 100 Bathroom Sink
Zero 50 Bathroom Sink
Zero 75 Bathroom Sink
Zero Domino 100 Bathroom Sink
Zero Domino 75 Washbasin
Zero Light 50 Washbasin

0 items
Everpure Water Filtration System
Whitehaus Bathroom Collection
Art Ceram Bathroom Sinks

Hansa's 2DAY handshower

Even the appearance of the Hansa2day is different: with its white, bowl formed head and its decorative chrome it brings a completely new look into every bathroom. But it is not only its appearance that catches the eye, it can also really do things: with the combination of a needle spray function and cascade shower facility it fulfils absolutely every possible showering wish. ... read more

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