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Bathroom Fixtures
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Water Filtration Systems
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All the kitchen and bathroom fixtures and vanities available on FinestFixtures Inc. have been carefully selected by a team of leading certified experts with over thirty years of experience.

Visit us often, as we add more to the thousands of kitchen and bathroom products featured on, bringing you the finest of luxury plumbing fixtures, faucets, sinks, vanities, and accessories for your home at affordable prices.

All of this direct to you, with just the click of a mouse.

Double Bowl Sinks Listings

Cantrio - KSS-102 Double Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink
CS07R Double Undermount
CS08 Undermount
CS10L Undermount
CS11 Undermount
CS12L Undermount
CSO7L Undermount
Double and Triple Undermounts PRX 120-LH
Double and Triple Undermounts PRX 120-RH
Double and Triple Undermounts/Stainless PRX 160-LH
Double and Triple Undermounts/Stainless PRX 160-RH
Double and Triple Undermounts/Stainless RGX 170
Franke - Armonia Corner Mount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
GNX 120
KSS 107
KSS-002 Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
KSS-504 Double Basin Undermount Sink
KSS-508 Double Basin Undermount Sink
KSS-521 One and a Half Basin Drop in Sink
KSS-522 Double Basin Drop in Sink
Regatta RGX120
Regatta RGX160
Vision/Stainless VNX 120-37
Vision/Stainless VNX 120-45
Vision/Stainless VNX 160-LH
Vision/Stainless VNX 160-RH

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Coordinated Kitchens and Bath
Everpure Water Filtration System
Fairmont Designs


Joining Finestfixtures this year is the Rubinet line of bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Rubinet is a clean and effixient line of products, which avoids the pitfalls of elaborate product designs. The selection of Rubinet bathroom fixtures on our website also include full product details and specifications, so that you know exactly what you are buying. That said, you can also call us on our toll free number if you have any more specific questions about the Rubinet line, or any other lines we carry. As with all of our product lines, the selection displayed on FinestFixtures is exactly that: a selection. We have many more Rubinet products that we can source, all you need to do is give us a call and tell us what you are looking for and we will do the best we can do to track it down for you. ... read more

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